2019 AWS: Reinvent

AWS & Zed Ink once again approached Mercy Brothers & Inverted Chaos to create Five Lyrical Music Videos for the AWS: ReInvent Vegas Event. 7-Screens wide, spanning the length of a football field.


2D Motion Graphics
3D Animation
Experiential Design

Break On Through!

Our flagship product for the event. This piece was a behemoth to take-on, and we got after it with enthusiasm and vigor. The concept for this piece was to create an animation that would span across all 7-screens. The themes were to portray an every-person enduring strife while being pelted with chaos and emotion. Eventually having the courage to persist and naruto run through struggles to break through barriers and find bliss.

Don't Stop Me Now!

The concept for this piece was to portray the awe-inspiring nature of our ingenuity. Technology being created to propel humanity further into the reaches of our own untapped potential.

Too Much

Too Much Data, Noise, Detritus, Chaos. A portrayal of distinct visual scenes being blown apart by a mass of visual anarchy.

Moving Out

A fun, art-deco, abstract piece about physical hardware being moved out to bring in the cloud into people's lives.

If I Could Walk 500 Miles...

If we could walk 500 miles for our technology, would we? I think we would.