2018 AWS re:Invent

AWS & Zed Ink approached Mercy Brothers & Inverted Chaos to create Five Lyrical Music Videos for the AWS: ReInvent Vegas Event. 7-Screens wide, spanning the length of a football field.


2D Motion Graphics
3D Animation
Experiential Design

I've Been Waiting

A fun Hyper-Visual piece abstractly portraying what technology's potentially is meant to be.


A melancholy video about a bird with a broken-wing. Mending his injury over time finally realizing his potential and rising above like a phoenix.

Should I Stay or — Should I Go?

A fun take on The Clash's veritable favorite, portraying local hardware vs. cloud-based computing solutions.

A Little Less Conversation...

Put your money where your mouth is, technology. Taking a realistic glimpse into the fore-front of new technology.

I Want it All!

Our featured event, An homage to Queen & Freddie Mercury, soaring through hyper-blended space vistas.